Area Activities

The area surrounding Makanyi offers a wealth of interesting, exciting and world-renowned attractions. Exploring these will enhance your holiday even further, especially if you’re staying with us longer. During your stay, we will be delighted to arrange a trip to any of these attractions, though please note that most need to be booked in advance and paid for separately:

  • Moholoholo

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    This wildlife rehabilitation centre is closely involved in the conservation of endangered species and the rehabilitation of injured and poisoned animals.

  • Zip Line in Hazyview

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    An aerial cable trail over the Sabie River valley, this is an exciting adventure over beautiful scenery.

  • Blyde River Canyon

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    Famous throughout South Africa, this incredible, natural geological feature is 25 kilometres long and about 750 metres deep, making it the third largest canyon in the world. The view is absolutely breath taking.

  • Helicopter tours

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    The best way to see this spectacular region is from the air, so board a chopper and prepare to be stunned by the splendour and beauty of the scenery below you.

  • Scenic Flights

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    Fly over the bush in a microlight and view wildlife, waterfalls, canyons and other gorgeous scenery from the air.

  • Hot air ballooning

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    A ride in a hot air balloon gives you the opportunity to absorb the area in a beautifully unique way, with that extra element of adventure.

  • Shangana village tours

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    A wonderful way to learn about the fascinating culture of the Shangaan tribe in our area. Meet some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, learn about their traditions and find some unique souvenirs to take home!

  • Silk Farm

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    Visit the Godding & Godding store, where you can find the finest silk garments and linens, as well as an extensive line of products made from African sourced ingredients. Add to your visit by having a bite at the delicious Cotton Café Club.