Private photographic safaris can be booked by agents or can be booked by us and they’re designed for guests who are looking for the full attention of the photographic tutor to maximize their learning and photographic skills in the number of days that have been allocated.

This is open to and suitable for all levels of photographers, be it first time users or more advanced.

It consists of one to one training or group (max 4 people) and the photographic tutor not only teaches and coaches the client but fulfills the roll of a private guide as well.


Your Photographic Safari will focus on practical and technical skills both on the game drive and back at the lodge. The Professional photographic tutoring comprises of practical on location tuition in a specific sighting, giving advice on what shutter speed, ISO and aperture to photograph on, taking the specific lighting conditions into account.

Throughout the photo safari we discuss settings, composition and shooting techniques such as panning, backlighting, side lighting and action shots.

The workshops done at the lodge after brunch consists of the following modules. These workshop sessions will depend on the knowledge level of the guests.

Day 1
  • Meet and greet around lunchtime, discuss and plan the days ahead and chat about what equipment guests use and what their expectations of the photographic safari are. Equipment can also be rented through us if you let us know before hand what you would like to use. Please have a look at this website to see equipment for hire:
  • Africa Photographic Services
  • Head out on afternoon game drive, do practical on site tuition.
  • Get back from game drive meet for drinks and dinner.
Day 2
  • Out for morning game drive, again on site tuition on game drive, then back for breakfast or brunch.
  • Start post processing after breakfast until lunchtime. Guests can take a nap if they wish before afternoon game drive; if not can carry on with their post processing workshop.

Days 3 & 4 are repeats of day 2 but the content of the workshop becomes a lot more specific to the client’s needs.

At the end of the safari the guests will leave with about 20 – 30 good images that they have taken and processed themselves.

How your camera works
  • Various modes av, tv, bulb, p etc and what they do, which are best for wildlife
  • How to set aperture, time value, using the adjustment dials on the camera
  • Setting iso and understanding when to change
  • Dealing with low light conditions
  • Under and over expose: when and why
  • Composition, rule of thirds
  • Use of histogram and how to read a histogram
  • Set up and use of a external flash
  • Fill flash and high speed sync
How to use lightroom
  • Lightroom presets and preferences
  • How to import, choose source and destination
  • Use metadata and labelling
  • How to keyword
  • Viewing in library
  • Use of filters for quick selection/deleting etc
  • Develop module
  • White balance
  • Exposure correction
  • Saturation
  • Sharpening
  • Cropping
  • Heal/clone brush
  • Adjustment brush
  • Graduated filter
  • How to export and choose export destination and settings


Hilton is a dynamic wildlife photographer, with an exceptional passion for Africa and its wildlife. His many years of experience in the bush, love of people and his ability to share his knowledge make him a very successful and sought – after photographic host. Hilton has had the great fortune to travel to some of the most remote and sought after wildlife and photographic destinations in Southern and East Africa where these travels have enabled him to capture some of the more special moments nature has to offer. Hilton’s immediate background is in the Health and Fitness industry: here he uses his love of people, great personality and fantastic communication skills to help people from all walks of life to live a better life. It is these very attributes that make Hilton a great photographic tutor. His 15 years of knowledge in animal behaviour, easy, patient and charismatic personality combined with his wealth of photographic knowledge, gives Hilton ability to assist his guests to seize the moment and capture creative, unique and exciting images while growing their own passion for nature and photography. Hilton is also very familiar with both major brands of equipment, Nikon & Canon and is able to assist with both.

Hilton’s work has been placed in various national and international photographic competitions such as Fuji/Getaway 2006-2010, BBC and Nature’s Best. He has had numerous publications in magazines such as Getaway UK press and NY press The Telegraph. He was also awarded the title of overall winner of Fuji/Getaway wildlife photographer of the year in 2007, the country’s post prestigious wildlife competition.

Hilton also has a team of experienced and passionate photographers that work with him to deliver guests an amazing photographic experience.

Etienne Oosthuizen

Etienne has an insatiable enthusiasm for African wildlife and an absolute passion to introduce people to Africa. A naturally creative person, he found his creative outlet was through wildlife photography and soon this became a core guiding skill that his guests appreciate. With a natural flair for taking the creative route, he has become a sought after photographic guide and tutor. Etienne guides with a fresh perspective and offers photographers something a little different. He is constantly willing to share his own knowledge of wildlife photography with photographers around the world. Over the years he has shared magical moments with his guests while on safari, these opportunities have culminated in Etienne having a wide ranging and creative portfolio of photographs. Some of his images being published in many magazines across the world including (Getaway travel magazine, Go Magazine, Ranger Rick – National Wildlife Federation magazine, National Geographic traveler and Africa Geographic, Discovery – Cathay Pacific in-flight magazine) and a few photographs have gone on and done very well in numerous international photography competitions (BBC Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the year, Getaway Gallery, Windland Smith Rice & Nature’s Best Photography competition, Africa Geographic). In 2015 he was asked to author the advanced wildlife photography module for the Photography Institute, where he still tutors the students individually. His story has come full circle, with his photographic guiding background, he not only shares his knowledgeable with the guests but has started to mentor the next generation of guides about photography.

Anton Wessels

Anthon is a passionate wildlife photographer currently based in Nelspruit Mpumalanga, South Africa. Anthon worked in the bush for 2 ½ years as a guide in famous Sabi Sands game reserve, he is passionate about all aspects of nature and particular bird watching. Anthon then went on to studied photography where he completed a Higher Certificate in Photography and a certificate in Advanced Professional Photography. He is a enthusiastic photographer with a in depth understanding of photography which allows him to shear his technical skills and creative vision that is fuelled by inspiration drawn from nature itself.