A new Generation of the Avoca pride

We are excited to announce that the Avoca lion pride has grown with the addition of 6 new cubs. We first got sightings of the cubs a few weeks back but after a close encounter with an unknown female their mom took them into hiding and we had not seen them since.

Heading out for our afternoon safari, we picked up fresh lion tracks and successfully followed them to a water hole where the pride was doing what they do best – sleeping. We spent some time with the pride before we noticed movement in the distance and to our excitement all 6 cubs were making their way to greet the pride.

We were fortunate to spend some time over the next few days with the pride and get some amazing footage of the adorable cubs.

Buffalo buffet in July

July has been a record month for us. Not only did we have spectacular sightings of leopards, cheetahs, and other amazing wildlife encounters, but we had lion sightings of epic proportions.
The month started off with a herd of roughly 800 buffalo making their way from the Kruger National Park into our concession, where the Avoca pride consisting of 16 members, were prowling from every corner. This made life difficult for the buffalo as every move they made was watched very closely.

We recorded a staggering 13 buffalo, 1 warthog and 1 wildebeest which different members of the pride had successfully taken down, making this the most successful month for the Avoca pride witnessed since the opening of Makanyi Lodge.

Below are a few images of the different encounters our guests witnessed between these two rivals of Africa.

Cheeky lions decided to get their 15 minutes of fame

We arrived at the waterhole in the morning and there was the Avoca pride relaxing at the waters edge. We spent some time watching them before we decided to put a GoPro up to see what would happen. We did not expect the lions to snatch the GoPro within minutes of placing it on the floor.

The lions took the GoPro and went filming in the African bush. We tried to follow the lion that had the GoPro but due to the thick undergrowth, we could not follow him and decided to head back to where we had placed it. As we returned we noticed the one lion was playing with the housing while another had the camera in his jaws.


When guests head to the Timbavati they expect to see Africa’s big 5 and that’s what we at Makanyi try to deliver and more. Heading out into the African landscape we cannot predict what sightings we will see, however on this particular day the lions of the Timbavati came to the party . We approached an area where we knew the lions were and soon after a call came in over the radio that a pride of 8 lions had been spotted relaxing close to a nearby waterhole. We slowly approached the sighting and were greeted by a relaxed pride doing what they do best – sleeping. As day turned into night we could see the pride was getting more and more active and soon we had movement. Two lionesses moved off while the rest of the pride started interacting and grooming one another. Soon after, the rest of the pride joined the 2 lionesses and we watched them slip into the darkness of the Timbavati Game Reserve.