A visit to Makanyi Lodge will leave you wanting more as you never know when the next unforgettable sighting /  photographic opportunity will happen. While walking around the lodge our GM, Rico, spotted this beautiful Spiny Flower Mantis close to reception. It is such a beautiful insect that we thought we would share some interesting facts with you as well as some beautiful images captured:

Some interesting facts about a spiny flower mantis:

  • This tiny insect measures between 2.5cm to 5cm (1-2 inches) and is native to Southern and Eastern Africa.
  • When they’re first born, they are mostly black and look almost like ants.
  • It takes seven molts for a female to reach maturity, and six molts for males.
  • When threatened, the insects raise their forewings, which makes them look like a much larger insect.
  • Instead of searching for prey, they prefer to “snatch” its meals—usually pollinating insects—from the air.
  • Like other mantis species, the Spiny Flower Mantis is cannibalistic. It’s the males who have the most to fear