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The museum was constructed in 2009 and refurbished in 2016. Located at the reserve’s headquarters, Chi Mani Mani, it’s packed with so many interesting things to see. There’s a stunning display of all the freshwater fish found in the reserve. A brilliant photographic poster shows all the frogs you’ll encounter. Stand next to a jaw dropping display of the fabled white lions of the Timbavati and you’ll get an idea how huge these animals are. Cabinets filled with the most delicate and beautiful butterflies and moths, all found in the reserve, serve as a reminder of the incredible diversity of nature. A huge collection of birds’ eggs covering virtually every species found in South Africa. Although the museum focuses mainly on the natural history of the Timbavati, many displays cover the whole country. View PDF here

K-9 Demonstration

Currently the Timbavati has five highly skilled & trained dogs; some are German Shepherds, and some Malinois, a Belgian breed. All the TPNR Canines are trained to track humans, and their responsibility is to help detect and track down rhino poachers who may enter the reserve. For an up-close and personal experience with Timbavati K-9 Team. It’s and experience you won’t forget. All proceeds go towards the wellbeing of the dogs at the gate for their food, training, and health.

 If you’d like to sponsor any of the dogs, or just make a general donation towards their upkeep, please follow the link  – Timbavati Canine Ranger Campaign

Anti-poaching Surveillance Flights

In partnership with the Timbavati Wildlife Protection Programme’s Rhino Anti-Poaching initiative, guests have the unique opportunity of not only funding much needed anti- poaching patrols, but also personally being part of the anti-poaching air surveillance helicopter patrol they are sponsoring. An Anti-Poaching Ranger will always accompany the surveillance flight, this will give you a first-hand insight into the incredible effort and significant contribution made by the TPNR anti-poaching unit. 

Rhino Notching

In an effort to assist with the rhino poaching epidemic, the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve is darting and micro chipping their rhino population. From locating and darting the Rhino to assisting with tasks such as pouring water over the Rhino and checking its temperature, you will be included in the entire operation. The vet will explain the whole process during this time and give you an opportunity to take up close and personal photographs with this magnificent endangered animal.

Timbavati Traverse

The Timbavati Traverse is a one-of-a-kind adventure trail for nature-loving runners and walkers. Set in and hosted by the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, the trail raises awareness and funds for the anti-poaching units as well as for the Timbavati Foundation which supports the reserves neighbouring underprivileged communities. You can choose between a 45km ultra-marathon trail run, a new 21km half-marathon run as well as a 21km half-marathon trail for walkers.

 Check out the website to book your spot – TIMBAVATI TRAVERSE