As the African summer unfolds its warmth and vibrancy, a small yet dazzling visitor graces the area—the Woodlands Kingfisher. This beautiful bird is a visual delight, showcasing a stunning combination of turquoise-blue feathers on its wings and back, complemented by a rich chestnut-coloured head and underparts. Its vibrant colours make it stand out against the greenery of the African summer landscape. Known for its acrobatic aerial displays, this kingfisher is often seen darting through the air with incredible agility, hunting insects in mid-flight. Its distinctive trilling call adds a musical element while out on safari.


This bird migrates to South Africa, including areas like Timbavati, during the Southern Hemisphere’s summer months from November to April. Driven by the onset of the breeding season, these migratory birds seek optimal nesting conditions, abundant insect prey, and favourable weather. The warm temperatures and increased insect activity during the South African summer provide an ideal environment for courtship, nesting, and raising offspring. 

The next time you join us for a summer safari, take a moment to witness this beautiful bird – a true gem in the crown of African avifauna.